Catch Up

Woah, it has been a whole month since I’ve last updated about life. Indeed have been keeping myself busy busy haha! Jokes on me because the last few weeks have been legit hectic and tiring…

A lot of events zoomed passed these 2 months of October and September… Let’s review: There was HHN6, our trip to Korea, LEAP camp, etc. and oh! The start of  new semester… do you feel my pain.

Life has been rather stagnant. Have decided to stop beating around the bush and focus on my grades together with my leadership positions in school. Going to be joining quite a few events I have in mind thus I really need to learn how to manage my time man. More project works are also coming up so I got to pull myself together and aim for that GPA.

Nothing out of the ordinary… and hopefully it stays this way too.

Busy Busy

Song Recommendation:
Perfect Strangers – Jonas Blue ft. JP Cooper

Man, it sure has been a long time since I’ve typed down my thoughts on keys while the pleasant sound of punching on my keyboard filled the room. Unknowingly, a month flew by just like that.

However, this semester break wasn’t like any other holidays I had experienced. I was legit free. There was no homework nor project I had to stress over its reminder. I could really spread my wings. This led onto some events like MMA training, a job that I’ve taken up, being part of the events team of my school club and a camp that I attended not too long ago.

Things have been getting better with him. We’re back to being nothing more than senior and junior saying ‘hi’ every once in a while (I  guess). And also I’ve really just been truly enjoying life to the max. Went home at 3am yesterday and ended up getting grounded for the next 2 MMA trainings oops.

Hint: She didn’t say I couldn’t go for the open mats now, did she?

Anyways, we are side-tracking here. Back to topic, somehow I felt this holiday was the most productive holiday I’ve ever went through in terms of work done. I kept myself busy not over dramas but actual work instead like wow drey, wow. Not to forget, Korea in 4 days! Really excited and nervous all at the same time omo omo~

Better continue keeping myself busy busy then.



Yesterday was the first time a guy had sent me home.

No, no. It wasn’t a date nor was he a special someone. He was just a friend I had made that day and we just so happened to believe in inauspicious timings and this happening 7th month. When insisted that he shouldn’t, he simply brushed it off as ‘chivalry’. So, chivalry is not dead I assume? At least not yet.

It felt weird, somewhat, knowing that this guy that I barely even knew was kind enough to walk me all the way to my block and making sure I was safe before heading on his way home. Somewhat, I felt safe. And somehow, today, I felt a little lonely.

Of coursed we talked on the way, and I might actually come to believe he holds the key to finding myself in this chaotic situation I am in at the moment. Why do I feel that he had figured things about me more than I know myself in that short amount of time that we spent? He understands. He understood what I as going through somehow and even managed to list some advice that was able to iron out my own thoughts.

He was rather sweet I must say, caring and charming exactly. If he was only a tiny bit taller though oh damn haha! But nah, we’re just friends at the moment and plus I still have my mind glued on someone else…

Chivalry sounds good to me.

Galaxies Apart

“Maybe admiring you from afar was the only thing I wanted. The way your eyes crinkle at its sides when you laugh, the way you exaggerate movements to create humour during those hours, the way you’d easily get drunk and make amusing comments that make me laugh. Because you see, in between us there are galaxies. But those galaxies are just what I need. They make you beautiful and absolutely breathtaking. And maybe I don’t want to lose all of this. That’s why I don’t want to know you just yet.” – Excerpt from a book I will never write (k.y)

But what can I do? I already know you. 

Time Flies

1 more month and holidays here I come!!!

Boy, it has actually been one and a half years since I created this blog and honestly time flies so fast oh god. When it comes to the topic of time especially, I can’t really tell myself because honestly, you can’t do anything about it.

Sometimes however I can’t help but wish time could rewind – back to those days I was oblivious and free and nobody gave a damn about me. Sometimes, maybe those days were preferred. But still I can’t help but feel happy about the present. It’s not perfect but well, at least I’m happy. For today’s music rec:

Closer – The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey

That duo is sick and Halsey, oh man, she’s on fire. To be honest, Halsey was what drew me to the song because The Chainsmokers weren’t that appealing yet. But boy now my mind has turned a whole new 180 degrees change because damn Andrew Taggart.

Alright, I should really get back to me accounting practices now.

Taming Wolves

What is wrong with being a good person?

I get it – she hurts me. I know that if I ever land myself in trouble, she wouldn’t be there for me. I know that she will never be the first person I share my happiness or sadness with. She’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but… does that mean I should shut her out completely?

Does that mean I shouldn’t care if she lands herself in a fucked up situation? Does that mean I shouldn’t help even she’s on the brink of insanity? No. I can’t just do nothing – that’s just the type of person I am. I won’t be able to stand myself knowing that I had the chance to help someone but I didn’t. And over a fucking petty reason like that? No, I wouldn’t be able to even sleep.

So what’s wrong with being a good person? Just because you don’t allow yourself to keep wolves near you? Just because it’s your house? No, this is not who I am.

This is not who I will be.