Busy Busy

Song Recommendation:
Perfect Strangers – Jonas Blue ft. JP Cooper

Man, it sure has been a long time since I’ve typed down my thoughts on keys while the pleasant sound of punching on my keyboard filled the room. Unknowingly, a month flew by just like that.

However, this semester break wasn’t like any other holidays I had experienced. I was legit free. There was no homework nor project I had to stress over its reminder. I could really spread my wings. This led onto some events like MMA training, a job that I’ve taken up, being part of the events team of my school club and a camp that I attended not too long ago.

Things have been getting better with him. We’re back to being nothing more than senior and junior saying ‘hi’ every once in a while (I  guess). And also I’ve really just been truly enjoying life to the max. Went home at 3am yesterday and ended up getting grounded for the next 2 MMA trainings oops.

Hint: She didn’t say I couldn’t go for the open mats now, did she?

Anyways, we are side-tracking here. Back to topic, somehow I felt this holiday was the most productive holiday I’ve ever went through in terms of work done. I kept myself busy not over dramas but actual work instead like wow drey, wow. Not to forget, Korea in 4 days! Really excited and nervous all at the same time omo omo~

Better continue keeping myself busy busy then.



Time Flies

1 more month and holidays here I come!!!

Boy, it has actually been one and a half years since I created this blog and honestly time flies so fast oh god. When it comes to the topic of time especially, I can’t really tell myself because honestly, you can’t do anything about it.

Sometimes however I can’t help but wish time could rewind – back to those days I was oblivious and free and nobody gave a damn about me. Sometimes, maybe those days were preferred. But still I can’t help but feel happy about the present. It’s not perfect but well, at least I’m happy. For today’s music rec:

Closer – The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey

That duo is sick and Halsey, oh man, she’s on fire. To be honest, Halsey was what drew me to the song because The Chainsmokers weren’t that appealing yet. But boy now my mind has turned a whole new 180 degrees change because damn Andrew Taggart.

Alright, I should really get back to me accounting practices now.


It was all good, until you fell in love with someone else. And till now, you’re still my favourite story to tell. “What happened?” They asked.  I could only look and shrug. 


I guess everyone would have their share of heartbreak one way or another. Maybe it’s because of the excessive hormones or maybe I’ve been restricting myself for too long. I have absolutely no idea.

A friend got dumped another day and in all honesty I feel extremely angered on her behalf. People aren’t meant to be played and thrown away. People aren’t toys. You don’t deserve to break someone’s heart when they did nothing to you.

For me particularly, I would have to say its complicated. But somehow these feelings get to my alter ego when I’m listening to emotional songs in the middle of the night – quite stupid of me I must say. But all of these… it’s just part and parcel of life ain’t it? You learn how to overcome it, tackle it and move on.

I’ve been into writing recently, but no inspiration nor motivation is getting to me on my stories so I’ll stick to updating on my life. Life has been… up and down I guess. Nothing’s right but somehow everything’s not wrong either. I guess I’m just really coping.

For today’s music rec:

Settle Down – The 1975


“What always happen; I fell in love and he didn’t.”

First Times

A senior brought me out for some prata today, considering that we were living quite close by and we wanted breakfast (haha). It’s funny how things escalate so quickly. But a mental reminder that if things come easy, they go as fast.

We were talking and he told me there’s a first for everything: prata for breakfast, smoking, sex- wait what(?) But nevertheless I agreed and it was a really chill morning. We started off awkward at first but slowly we talked and opened up, which later he went off for school and I went home.

It was a pretty cool morning. I don’t know but I felt somehow good? It was my first time I actually met a friend just for breakfast and in all honesty I felt pretty happy because someone actually lives close by (after scouring for that friend for 10 years) and maybe from now we can just… I don’t know, hang out? (If he wants to actually).

Anyway, I have been recently addicted to The Script. They’re an old band but a superbly awesome and talented one??? So my recommendation for today’s music:

For the First Time – The Script

Hopefully, I can get a few friends I can just chill with. We don’t necessarily have to make plans and we can just relax and enjoy some music. June holidays are coming up after my final paper for MSTs tomorrow and I’m honestly afraid and excited at the same time. Afraid because 7 weeks of school has passed (showing how time has passed so quickly) but pretty excited because of the amount of catching up I need to do with some others.

So hopefully (hopefully), June will be good to me ❤

Autumn Leaves

I’m slowly changing. Maybe it has something to do with the unseen and subtle cultural shock I’m facing everyday. People change when you enter different stages in life and I may just be entering somewhere dark.

My minds tells me to abort this mission lmao. Of course who wants themselves to start developing for the worst? Nobody wants themselves to get lost in the abyss of lost direction and a confused mindset. However, my heart keeps returning to say yes. To tell myself that I need this once in a while.

But I’m afraid. So afraid that once I’m lost it’s forever. I’m afraid that people leave and never return. I’m afraid people think I’m a goner. I’m so so afraid. But I want to try this… and I might just.

Today’s music recommendation:
Rock Bottom – Hailee Steinfield ft. DNCE

I don’t know what’s going to ensue after. But I will definitely embrace my own consequences. So I’ve got to be ready and face myself first.


Many entries have passed and unknowingly, a year has passed as well. Looking back, I was rather amused at my self-indulgence of anime marathons to getting myself entangled into the world of Koreans and idols, and not to forget my endless addiction of fan-fiction.

Honestly said, I didn’t know how to manage this blog at first, seeing that I had no fixed agenda on what to do and partially because I was lazy (I must admit). But midway, an idea was suddenly lit in my head. Since I’ve got no money for the endless amount of food I wanted to try, let me try music.

I might be a little late on some artists and genres but that doesn’t mean I can introduce them to the world. Be it k-pop, j-pop or e-pop, I listen to them all so I might somehow pop up with some music recommendation on days (especially like these). So, first rec!

Be Together – Major Lazer ft. Wild Belle

Recently, I have been indulged into trap, partial hip hop and EDM instead of the major commercialized pop. Listening to BTS (a korean hip hop group) is seriously no joke because their music recommendations are insanely awesome and the individual mixtapes they produce are a just really mind blowing.

Major Lazer is an electronic music group that covers a range of genres including EDM, dancehall, reggae, moombahton, trap, reggaeton and reggae fushion. They featured Ellie Goulding on one of their other songs and glad to say – they will never let your hopes down.

I guess that’s it for today’s rec and at the same time, I’ll be sure to continue and expose myself to the different types of music this world contains.