Kimi No Na Wa


So, I had been wanting to watch Kimi No Na Wa (Translated to ‘Your Name’ in English) for quite some time now ever since I saw the movie’s poster on Twitter. It included really beautiful graphic designs thus it had really drawn me in then (curse my obsession with pretty things). When I talked to my friend about it recently, he had urged me to go watch it and unable to wait any longer, I did.

Oh boy, did I regret (for a good reason).

The whole anime takes place within a period of 8 years with a 3 year gap happening simultaneously in the show. It is by far, the second saddest anime I’ve watched – first being Hotarubi No Mori E. But somehow, I felt that the ending for this show could have been better and somehow, it felt incomplete.

Putting all personal feelings aside however, I felt that the whole play of fate and predestination carried a really big impact on the show together with whole play of time as well. It first starts off a little confusing as the main characters, Taki and Mitsuha, start switching bodies but they don’t explain it until the first quarter when realization hits the both of them.

It is then that they start setting ground rules for each other and helping them in their daily lives. Nevertheless, they start to fall for one another. But before things could escalate, the switching stops and Taki sets out to find out why, and to find the girl he had unknowingly fell in love with. However, when he lands himself at his destination, he realized that he was switching bodies with a girl who had died 3 years ago. The town she lived in was hit by a comet and was wiped out.


He later finds the shrine that he visited in Mitsuha’s body and drinks the sake inside. Now this is where things got confusing for me because I did not really understand the ritual Mitsuka had placed in the sake. However, it is here where religious beliefs in the show play out and the both of them had to leave behind their memories in order to save Mitsuha and her town.

When they both meet at Twilight (the time of supernatural occurrences), Taki returns the red braid that she had given him, back to her and they promised to write each other’s names down before Twilight ends. Unfortunately, time had run out for them and Mitsuha disappears before she could write her name. After, they start to forget the other’s existence.

But of course, Mitsuha later saves the town from the comet (with a lot of dramatic interference and memories) and lives for another 5 years where the both of them meet again in Tokyo. As they walk past each other, fate plays out as they both turn and ask for the other’s name, and the show ends.

I found predestination to play out really well during the whole duration of the movie because of the red braid that connected the both of them. In Chinese beliefs, every person is tied to their soulmate by an invincible red string called The Red String of Fate. In Kimi No Na Wa, the braid played that role as its physical state that connected the two’s fate.

When the braid was given to Taki by Mitsuha 3 years ago, it allowed the memories of their switch to stay a little longer in his mind 3 years after. When it was given back to Mitsuha, it allowed her to remember what she had to do: to save her town.

Now my personal feelings come in and honestly I can’t help but feel saddened when the both of them started forgetting the other. It was honestly a really memorable scene because after all the obstacles they overcame to find each other, they had to forget each other in the end. And when Taki wrote “I love you” instead of his name, which after gave her the final strength to move forward. Oh god, that scene.


Nevertheless, Kimi No Na Wa was a really good movie (still not over the incomplete ending) and I hope there would be more movies/anime like this. I’m ready to kill my heart for that.




Do you believe in magic?

I read a manhwa the other day:


I was kind of touched and empathized with all of the three main characters involved.

Ai – she struggled with the everyday life in poverty and forces herself to grow up; wanting to be a proper adult in the future where she would make tons of money and get out of ‘the disgusting cursed life of this poverty’.

R – he used to be on the curse of the asphalt and had a really bright future in stored for him. However, he ran away from the ‘curse’ and lived in the abandoned amusement park since then, running away from the reality and  refused to grow up.

II-Deung – he had his live shaped for him since the day he was born. But as time went on, he realized many things about being on the asphalt road for too long and hence started his journey of running away.

In this manhwa, it showed us that there were two ways in growing up. One way was a reliable and smooth road, where everything was already shaped out for you to go on. However, this road would be cold and lonely. The other was one where many challenging obstacles would occur, but it would definitely be worth it to stop every once in a while to look at the bed of flowers in life; to enjoy and relax.

In a world where society judges you for your physical appearance and status, you’ll grow to realize that everyone is aiming for the same stereotype of what we have to be when we grow up. For example, maybe being a lawyer, a doctor, or maybe someone who will eventually be of a great influence.

I realized society is cruel though.

Because if you can’t fit the stereotype, you become a loser.

But, the manhwa also taught me that you don’t have to follow and obey the rules. Be a little childish and believe in something. Even if it’s that 1% chance of possibility, take it. Once you realize this fact, you’ll come to realize that maybe all along, you have been dragged towards the way society is molding you to who they want you to become.

It’s the harsh truth, but it’s worth uncovering it.

So, let me ask you again:

Do you believe in magic?


Someone left me a voice-mail message, but all I could make out were the last words: “I’m sorry. I should’ve told you months ago. Bye.”

Why do I feel this could relate to Dengeki Daisy so much. Like asdfghjkl, I can imagine a different plot where Teru knows Daisy’s sin and is in shock. She blames him but also accepts it. However, the identity of Daisy is still UNKNOWN to her as she looks for him.

Then Kurosaki receives a threat, a more bigger threat than anything and reminds him of his sin which he caused the death of Soichiro hence called her and told her that he is Daisy and said those words in Italic. AND THEN HE GOES MISSING LIKE IN THE MANGA BUT THEN SOMETHING ELSE DEADLY HAPPENS AND EVERYTHING GOES FOR THERE LIKE ASDFGHJKL I CANNOT IMAGINE IF THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENS INSTEAD SO

thank you Kyousuke for making everything alright with no one dying and shit.



You’ll always be my daisy; my precious, precious daisy.

My heart was throbbing in panic. My mind was aching in desperation. My blood seemed to be pulsating quickly through my veins for I was frightened. 

Frightened for what will happen.

As Akira’s fist slammed the elevator button which sent it flying down towards the basement, I cried out his name. He didn’t listen. He was so focused and distracted on avenging his grandfather that he lost all composure and calm. He was lost. 

Before I could get to him however, codes and numbers started to appear on the computer on my near right. Soon, I saw just one number – a timer. My head started to spin as I was reminded of what “M’s Testament” was all about. It all started with a plan to get rid of the Mad Machine as what he was called – Akira. 

“Akira… what did you do,” I muttered with my voice faint. All my energy seemed to be drained out of me as I couldn’t even move my legs. Moving my gaze to the decreasing number, I realized I was too late to do anything about it now. 

“I’m sorry Tasuku… Daisy…” I smiled, because even though it was over for me I knew he was still out there looking for me; finding all means to save me. But then one tear came after another as I laid on the floor and watched the timer count to zero. 

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t become your strength after all.”

Woah no shit, that was definitely intense. Well, what I wanted to say is: KYOUSUKE MOTOMI, PLEASE HURRY UP WITH CHAPTER 72. 

This was a little something – an imagine I suppose – that I came up with due to the ending of 71 (without the fact that no one died). I mean, I’m sorry I became evil this time.

Anyway, I just realized there is something wrong with me. I’ve started to fall in love with mangas with romance between 16 year-old high school students and 24 year-old men [HNR included].

P.S. I got new headphones today hohoho


I guess I already knew that her heart was not with me anymore – it was with someone else. It was easy to predict, as I knew that if she hadn’t move on, she would have never dated someone else instead; she wasn’t a scheming girl. 

But nevertheless, I still grabbed tightly onto that one millimeter of hope; hope that she still felt the same way, hope that she still loved me dearly – but I guess time played me out. It’s okay though, because I’ve had already accepted it and there was nothing else I could do.  

I still remembered the first day I met her, the first day I fell in love with her, the first date we went on together. But they were also my last. Her soft almond hair and her nostalgic sense of humor, I miss them all. I miss her so much. 

Seeing her happy – even if it was her with someone else – made me happy. Hence, the warmth of her hand will remain where it should be. 

I guess she’ll always be my daytime shooting star after all.   

This is a little insight of Shishio’s mind that I kinda made up after seeing the raw chapter 78 of Hirunaka No Ryuusei [HNR].

I watch anime and read manga; I’m not going to lie. But after reading the end of HNR, I was really sad and kinda angry at Yamamori Mika. Many people were giving him hate (well mostly for the Mazume shippers) after reading chapter 77, but I guess he started getting hate from the Shizume shippers too after chapter 78.

I mean, I’m not going to send him hate or anything but I just really hate the fact that he brought my hopes up and crushed it. No kidding, I was literally tearing up at 12 midnight yesterday.

P.S. I saw a really cute guy today what even–