I found out it wasn’t my monthly premenstrual mood swings that caused me to feel this lowly (lmao). Somehow, I’d find myself in a pit on some days and positive on another. Then, I guessed I was putting quite a lot of pressure on myself.

I got to be a good girlfriend, be a good daughter, score well to get a good GPA, get into a local university, want to have a good future and rid myself of any drama at the moment.

It is because I am someone who overthinks, a lot. With everything that has been happening I honestly don’t know what to do. At the end of the day, all I feel now is just mentally and emotionally drained with still so much to keep up with. At the end of the day, I just get really tired. Plus the fact that nothing is improving with the situation right now and because I’m a really impatient person, I hate to wait around for this to go away.

Worst. Month. Ever.

Thankful for my boy who has been sticking with me throughout this entire period of time. Grateful because if I didn’t have him, I’d probably be breaking down almost everyday now. Zzz.

Please, I just want to get this month over and done with.