Little Things

I guess the saying goes, “you learn new things everyday.”

Today, as I was studying and waiting for a friend to end his work shift, I met an uncle who decided to sit a table away from me. As he was close to finishing his espresso shot and iced tea that he ordered, I looked up to him mouthing words in my direction. I was listening to music thus didn’t manage to hear what he said.

Out of courtesy I took my earpiece out and asked him what he was trying to say, and he asked me if I was studying. Of course, I said yes and he later asked series of random questions that I gladly answered. Out of a sudden, he said I was writing wrongly. As an angst teen in today’s society, of course the first reply that came to my head was “the hell?” But I continued listening to what he had to say.

Surprisingly, what he told me about how I held my pen was actually interesting and I looked at how he held the pen I passed over. It was a kind of grip which you could obviously tell, was how any other old men hold their pens. But still he was kind enough to explain how this different grip was useful and more efficient.

Before he left, he gave me a small wave and returned his cup before walking over. As he left however, a small smile tugged at my lips.

It is rare to find a random stranger coming up to talk to you in the middle of the day especially when you’re in the middle of doing something. But when you’re actually faced with a situation like that, it turns… refreshing.

Like I say, you learn something new everyday.

And today, I did.


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