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Stupid Boy

I’m very afraid: of the aftermath, the consequences.

There will definitely be a day when we are both over it all. There will definitely people who leave and people who stay in the course of this tough period. And after it all, I will know who was there in my darkest days and those who left.

For him: I hope you know I really loved you. You’re the only person who saw through all my flaws and were still willing to accept me for who I am. You gave me strength and even though you’re so damn annoying at times, there will be days where I will look back and think about the moments we indulged in joy.  For every thing you bought for me, I cherish each and every single thing. From the weighing scale you gave me when we were still friends to the rose you bought for me on valentines day. To those museum trips we went to even though it kind of bored you, but you knew I loved it, so you went anyway.

I admit this was entirely my fault. It was also my fault for prolonging our epilogue. But I guess it was too much for me to let go, even if I had to. I was selfish, and still am.

I will remember the days you brought me to the movies and all the times you cooked for me. I will definitely remember times we cuddled till the next morning because we were too tired after training. Those impromptu stay overs and so many moments. You were so many of my firsts. Thank you, for everything.

And so, I guess our story ends here. I love you, stupid boy.


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