Busy Busy

Song Recommendation:
Perfect Strangers – Jonas Blue ft. JP Cooper

Man, it sure has been a long time since I’ve typed down my thoughts on keys while the pleasant sound of punching on my keyboard filled the room. Unknowingly, a month flew by just like that.

However, this semester break wasn’t like any other holidays I had experienced. I was legit free. There was no homework nor project I had to stress over its reminder. I could really spread my wings. This led onto some events like MMA training, a job that I’ve taken up, being part of the events team of my school club and a camp that I attended not too long ago.

Things have been getting better with him. We’re back to being nothing more than senior and junior saying ‘hi’ every once in a while (I  guess). And also I’ve really just been truly enjoying life to the max. Went home at 3am yesterday and ended up getting grounded for the next 2 MMA trainings oops.

Hint: She didn’t say I couldn’t go for the open mats now, did she?

Anyways, we are side-tracking here. Back to topic, somehow I felt this holiday was the most productive holiday I’ve ever went through in terms of work done. I kept myself busy not over dramas but actual work instead like wow drey, wow. Not to forget, Korea in 4 days! Really excited and nervous all at the same time omo omo~

Better continue keeping myself busy busy then.



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