Yesterday was the first time a guy had sent me home.

No, no. It wasn’t a date nor was he a special someone. He was just a friend I had made that day and we just so happened to believe in inauspicious timings and this happening 7th month. When insisted that he shouldn’t, he simply brushed it off as ‘chivalry’. So, chivalry is not dead I assume? At least not yet.

It felt weird, somewhat, knowing that this guy that I barely even knew was kind enough to walk me all the way to my block and making sure I was safe before heading on his way home. Somewhat, I felt safe. And somehow, today, I felt a little lonely.

Of coursed we talked on the way, and I might actually come to believe he holds the key to finding myself in this chaotic situation I am in at the moment. Why do I feel that he had figured things about me more than I know myself in that short amount of time that we spent? He understands. He understood what I as going through somehow and even managed to list some advice that was able to iron out my own thoughts.

He was rather sweet I must say, caring and charming exactly. If he was only a tiny bit taller though oh damn haha! But nah, we’re just friends at the moment and plus I still have my mind glued on someone else…

Chivalry sounds good to me.


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