The First Chapter

“When you meet someone for the first time, that’s not the whole book. That’s just the first page.” – Brody Armstrong

It’s one in the damn morning where I am right now and I am nowhere near sleepy but so full of emotions that I can’t even decipher myself. My heart has been feeling heavy lately, not that I haven’t noticed. Maybe it has something to do with the piled up assignments I haven’t been doing and the stress of projects handed down by my respective teachers.

Let’s just assume I’m on the down side of life right now.

Hopefully, September will be good to me as I enjoy my sem break and cross out more things on my bucket list. Also, I have come to a (I have no idea what to name this feeling – be it a conclusion or realization) that I have come to experience so many firsts in such a short amount of time in this new world.

I think I have mentioned a little about first times on another post before but now taking a look back into my one and a half terms (aka 3 months) of poly, it hit me that I have actually had so many firsts in such a short period of time. Man, life sure is exciting… subtly adds in some nervous laughter and casual sweats.

For example, my first rejection (at something, not someone. Don’t worry, I’m single and not ready to mingle just yet). It was definitely something I would never forget because it had literally grown me as a person. I came to learn that this world is political and ruthless. It’s either you’re in and become a someone, or you’re just totally out. There is no in between and sadly, this is how the world works.

“If you follow all the rules, you miss out all the fun.” I agree to this thoroughly but there are just some rules you can’t break sometimes. These few months taught me how to balance and use my fun properly; to never abuse it. Gladly, I am still surviving.

It’s getting tougher though, but I’m sure I will pull through (somehow). Have been itching to type lately but my mind has been totally cut off from any inspiration or motivation so my stories on Wattpad are on a hiatus at the moment. Throwing in a sheepish smile, I just hope ESTs will be good to me and I can rid myself after of this hell module called Statistics.


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