It was all good, until you fell in love with someone else. And till now, you’re still my favourite story to tell. “What happened?” They asked.  I could only look and shrug. 


I guess everyone would have their share of heartbreak one way or another. Maybe it’s because of the excessive hormones or maybe I’ve been restricting myself for too long. I have absolutely no idea.

A friend got dumped another day and in all honesty I feel extremely angered on her behalf. People aren’t meant to be played and thrown away. People aren’t toys. You don’t deserve to break someone’s heart when they did nothing to you.

For me particularly, I would have to say its complicated. But somehow these feelings get to my alter ego when I’m listening to emotional songs in the middle of the night – quite stupid of me I must say. But all of these… it’s just part and parcel of life ain’t it? You learn how to overcome it, tackle it and move on.

I’ve been into writing recently, but no inspiration nor motivation is getting to me on my stories so I’ll stick to updating on my life. Life has been… up and down I guess. Nothing’s right but somehow everything’s not wrong either. I guess I’m just really coping.

For today’s music rec:

Settle Down – The 1975


“What always happen; I fell in love and he didn’t.”


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