Grow Me

So June hasn’t even been over and man, so many things… happened?

It started with the last week of June, after all the rotting I’ve been doing at home. Monday was rather casual: A group of secondary school friends and I went for a movie marathon and then dinner which later two of us settled down with a beautiful view at MBS.

Tuesday came after and uh… what happened? Oh, right, I ‘studied’ with another bunch of friends at school and ended up missing work because it slipped my mind. Me and my forgetfulness; thank god my manager didn’t pounce on me.

Wednesday came and training ensued. It was great?? Definitely shiok! as they call it and it was also a time I realized that I was ready to commit to this curriculum. Followed after training was dinner with my curriculum mates and it was definitely a good “get to know each other” session.

Thursday started with a phone call at 6 bloody AM. It was a phone call from my friend whom later cabbed down to my house because of some… issues. We talked and I realized it was time for me to go as I had to meet another group of secondary school friends for another session of catch up.

Looking at it now, I have been spending almost my holidays catching up with all my secondary school friends haha!

Then, I went for GOT7’s press conference, being one of the lucky fans to score a hi-five with them! However, the atmosphere wasn’t as what I had thought because all seven of them looked tired and god I just wanted them to rest??

But later, at around 11 at night I was for something and damn I had loads of fun?? My first and gosh I absolutely enjoyed it haha!

Friday! Oh god Friday.

Friday was absolutely eventful. There was the concert I attended (internally screaming because my favourite was just a few meters away from me??) and then there was MMA chalet at night and boy was it eventful.

But along the way I realized, I have actually grown as a person. Many things happened and sometimes, things don’t turn out the way you expected it to be. Sometimes, people and situations turn sour but all you have to do is suck it and make it better. Make yourself better.

I’m not better yet but I’m learning and coping. Definitely.


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