It’s finally mid-June and all of a sudden it hits me how time had literally flew past a span of five (and a half) months. New things emerged and old things were remembered.

Let’s see what happenings have been coming along. There was MMA camp and the recent chalet for some catch up my friend had invited me to. Besides, I attended my first MMA training and boy was it exciting haha!

Nothing out of the ordinary except for the fact that most of my beloved friends have found their significant other and are now pursuing life with a changed relationship status lmao. I’m still embracing the singles’ life; have thought it over and guessed I prefer it this way lol.

Tomorrow it’s shopping day and also something big is going to be happening at night though I don’t think I should actually reveal what it is. Hopefully, it’ll turn out great and pass by smoothly.

P.S. My poetry has been deteriorating recently oh boy help pls  </3



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