First Times

A senior brought me out for some prata today, considering that we were living quite close by and we wanted breakfast (haha). It’s funny how things escalate so quickly. But a mental reminder that if things come easy, they go as fast.

We were talking and he told me there’s a first for everything: prata for breakfast, smoking, sex- wait what(?) But nevertheless I agreed and it was a really chill morning. We started off awkward at first but slowly we talked and opened up, which later he went off for school and I went home.

It was a pretty cool morning. I don’t know but I felt somehow good? It was my first time I actually met a friend just for breakfast and in all honesty I felt pretty happy because someone actually lives close by (after scouring for that friend for 10 years) and maybe from now we can just… I don’t know, hang out? (If he wants to actually).

Anyway, I have been recently addicted to The Script. They’re an old band but a superbly awesome and talented one??? So my recommendation for today’s music:

For the First Time – The Script

Hopefully, I can get a few friends I can just chill with. We don’t necessarily have to make plans and we can just relax and enjoy some music. June holidays are coming up after my final paper for MSTs tomorrow and I’m honestly afraid and excited at the same time. Afraid because 7 weeks of school has passed (showing how time has passed so quickly) but pretty excited because of the amount of catching up I need to do with some others.

So hopefully (hopefully), June will be good to me ❤


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