Autumn Leaves

I’m slowly changing. Maybe it has something to do with the unseen and subtle cultural shock I’m facing everyday. People change when you enter different stages in life and I may just be entering somewhere dark.

My minds tells me to abort this mission lmao. Of course who wants themselves to start developing for the worst? Nobody wants themselves to get lost in the abyss of lost direction and a confused mindset. However, my heart keeps returning to say yes. To tell myself that I need this once in a while.

But I’m afraid. So afraid that once I’m lost it’s forever. I’m afraid that people leave and never return. I’m afraid people think I’m a goner. I’m so so afraid. But I want to try this… and I might just.

Today’s music recommendation:
Rock Bottom – Hailee Steinfield ft. DNCE

I don’t know what’s going to ensue after. But I will definitely embrace my own consequences. So I’ve got to be ready and face myself first.


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