Many entries have passed and unknowingly, a year has passed as well. Looking back, I was rather amused at my self-indulgence of anime marathons to getting myself entangled into the world of Koreans and idols, and not to forget my endless addiction of fan-fiction.

Honestly said, I didn’t know how to manage this blog at first, seeing that I had no fixed agenda on what to do and partially because I was lazy (I must admit). But midway, an idea was suddenly lit in my head. Since I’ve got no money for the endless amount of food I wanted to try, let me try music.

I might be a little late on some artists and genres but that doesn’t mean I can introduce them to the world. Be it k-pop, j-pop or e-pop, I listen to them all so I might somehow pop up with some music recommendation on days (especially like these). So, first rec!

Be Together – Major Lazer ft. Wild Belle

Recently, I have been indulged into trap, partial hip hop and EDM instead of the major commercialized pop. Listening to BTS (a korean hip hop group) is seriously no joke because their music recommendations are insanely awesome and the individual mixtapes they produce are a just really mind blowing.

Major Lazer is an electronic music group that covers a range of genres including EDM, dancehall, reggae, moombahton, trap, reggaeton and reggae fushion. They featured Ellie Goulding on one of their other songs and glad to say – they will never let your hopes down.

I guess that’s it for today’s rec and at the same time, I’ll be sure to continue and expose myself to the different types of music this world contains.


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