Someone asked me before: what do you think about the age that I am right now? 

I replied, it’s the age of being independent and dependent all at the same time. This then turned to a major makeover for the girl whose hair was so long and straight, and she used a hairband everyday. I told her that if she was going to prom with that hairband, I’ll break it into two for her.

She’ll come to thank me later.

She laughed obviously, to my obnoxious attitude but hey, she did heed my advice after /casually inserts smirk/ and the three of us (Nicole, Amira and I) went to a $10 express salon in Clarke Quay this afternoon to cut her hair.


The beast didn’t let me get to seat at the spot next to her…


/casually advertises/ The hair salon is insanely awesome by the way. The people are nice too! It was a Japanese salon… uhm- KOJIMAYA it was.

And there goes Amir’s straight long fringe /inserts an imaginary picture of Amira’s new hair beCAUSE WE DIDN’T TAKE ONE/

But yeah, yesterday’s adventure was rather fun and chill. There was nobody I needed to impress and I just wore what I like (despite having war with the sun and its UV heat).

It was a fun day. To this day, any many more days to come.

Cheers xx


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