Ah, it has been two months? Haha, sorry about the two month gap on my life. Well, I can definitely say a lot of things happened. 

First, examinations. Aw damn, I don’t really want to talk about this but I mean: it actually contributes to my life 99.999999% so—

Studying has been hard hahaha. Os are in less than five months and I’m going crazy thinking about it gosh. It’s funny to be honest, how one piece of paper can actually determine your entire life, your entire career, your future. But what can we do? Everything is already planned for us; we have no way of resisting. And even if we do, what benefits can we actually reap? Haha, okay okay I’m getting a little naggy here. 

Second! Kpop! Haha, oh my; I actually planned myself to stop watching and getting addicted to shit this year. But unfortunately, life had other plans for me when I was introduced to GOT7 and BTS hahaha. Well, they’re all good, and well I’m hooked. But let’s not get too deep into the topic shall we? 

Third! I finally know what I want to do! Well, it’s little… complicated? Basically, the basic of the basics is that, I want to learn digital forensics. It’s cool; and I absolutely love it. Now you must be thinking; what’s so complicated about that? Well, the hard part has yet to come. 

I want to sing. I want to dance. Basically, another thing I want to do is be an entertainer. A singer, a dancer, an actress– it doesn’t really matter. I just want to be there: on the stage. It’s a hard pick though, between the two and I don’t know. All I know is that I need a stable job and career for the time being, before I get on with the funky stuff. Thus, the computers haha. 

Well, after Os I shall actually try different things: take singing lessons, dance lessons, composing lessons– I don’t know man haha. Tbh, don’t find this “cliché” okay? The two idol groups I had mentioned above are partially why I wanted to do entertainment. And well, I have actually been contemplating long before I even got involved with Kpop so…

Anyway, this is really one looooooong update haha! I hope you guys all stay strong and stay safe? I don’t even know what I’m saying gosh. It’s 2:17am right now, so I’m a little sleepy. Please excuse my behavior  right now.

Oh! One last thing! I want to fall in love hahaha. Stupid, right? I don’t believe love can actually come at my age? And tbh I don’t plan on any relationships right now. But I don’t know man, I just want to experience how it’s like? Oh gosh, the sleepiness is really getting to me. Okay okay, bye for now!!

Cheers xx



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