Do you believe in magic?

I read a manhwa the other day:


I was kind of touched and empathized with all of the three main characters involved.

Ai – she struggled with the everyday life in poverty and forces herself to grow up; wanting to be a proper adult in the future where she would make tons of money and get out of ‘the disgusting cursed life of this poverty’.

R – he used to be on the curse of the asphalt and had a really bright future in stored for him. However, he ran away from the ‘curse’ and lived in the abandoned amusement park since then, running away from the reality and  refused to grow up.

II-Deung – he had his live shaped for him since the day he was born. But as time went on, he realized many things about being on the asphalt road for too long and hence started his journey of running away.

In this manhwa, it showed us that there were two ways in growing up. One way was a reliable and smooth road, where everything was already shaped out for you to go on. However, this road would be cold and lonely. The other was one where many challenging obstacles would occur, but it would definitely be worth it to stop every once in a while to look at the bed of flowers in life; to enjoy and relax.

In a world where society judges you for your physical appearance and status, you’ll grow to realize that everyone is aiming for the same stereotype of what we have to be when we grow up. For example, maybe being a lawyer, a doctor, or maybe someone who will eventually be of a great influence.

I realized society is cruel though.

Because if you can’t fit the stereotype, you become a loser.

But, the manhwa also taught me that you don’t have to follow and obey the rules. Be a little childish and believe in something. Even if it’s that 1% chance of possibility, take it. Once you realize this fact, you’ll come to realize that maybe all along, you have been dragged towards the way society is molding you to who they want you to become.

It’s the harsh truth, but it’s worth uncovering it.

So, let me ask you again:

Do you believe in magic?


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