Someone left me a voice-mail message, but all I could make out were the last words: “I’m sorry. I should’ve told you months ago. Bye.”

Why do I feel this could relate to Dengeki Daisy so much. Like asdfghjkl, I can imagine a different plot where Teru knows Daisy’s sin and is in shock. She blames him but also accepts it. However, the identity of Daisy is still UNKNOWN to her as she looks for him.

Then Kurosaki receives a threat, a more bigger threat than anything and reminds him of his sin which he caused the death of Soichiro hence called her and told her that he is Daisy and said those words in Italic. AND THEN HE GOES MISSING LIKE IN THE MANGA BUT THEN SOMETHING ELSE DEADLY HAPPENS AND EVERYTHING GOES FOR THERE LIKE ASDFGHJKL I CANNOT IMAGINE IF THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENS INSTEAD SO

thank you Kyousuke for making everything alright with no one dying and shit.



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