Oil, Meet Water

It’s kind of weird; the way this world works. We meet many people everyday, have different kinds of conversations and carry all sorts of thoughts. It’s weird because, it’s really unpredictable. 

I have this friend; Megan. She really taught me a lot – that different people come along in life and you just gotta deal with them. And one thing about her – we’re just like oil and water. 

We have different interests, and carry totally different personalities. Maybe that’s the reason we get along in class so much – I don’t really know. But one thing’s for sure: she’ll forever be the friend I look up to the most. Despite her annoying thing for video games and her non stop rattling in class (but I still listen to her 98% of the time), she was the first friend to accept me for who I was. 

She never really expected much from me. She didn’t care if me being beside her would destroy her image or whatsoever. Maybe sometimes we argue, but we compromise (well mostly me because she’s stubborn haha). But nevertheless, she sucks and I love her to shreds.

The closest friend I’ve ever had – that’s who she is to me. 
That despite being oil and water, we accept it and we continue on. 


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