You’ll always be my daisy; my precious, precious daisy.

My heart was throbbing in panic. My mind was aching in desperation. My blood seemed to be pulsating quickly through my veins for I was frightened. 

Frightened for what will happen.

As Akira’s fist slammed the elevator button which sent it flying down towards the basement, I cried out his name. He didn’t listen. He was so focused and distracted on avenging his grandfather that he lost all composure and calm. He was lost. 

Before I could get to him however, codes and numbers started to appear on the computer on my near right. Soon, I saw just one number – a timer. My head started to spin as I was reminded of what “M’s Testament” was all about. It all started with a plan to get rid of the Mad Machine as what he was called – Akira. 

“Akira… what did you do,” I muttered with my voice faint. All my energy seemed to be drained out of me as I couldn’t even move my legs. Moving my gaze to the decreasing number, I realized I was too late to do anything about it now. 

“I’m sorry Tasuku… Daisy…” I smiled, because even though it was over for me I knew he was still out there looking for me; finding all means to save me. But then one tear came after another as I laid on the floor and watched the timer count to zero. 

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t become your strength after all.”

Woah no shit, that was definitely intense. Well, what I wanted to say is: KYOUSUKE MOTOMI, PLEASE HURRY UP WITH CHAPTER 72. 

This was a little something – an imagine I suppose – that I came up with due to the ending of 71 (without the fact that no one died). I mean, I’m sorry I became evil this time.

Anyway, I just realized there is something wrong with me. I’ve started to fall in love with mangas with romance between 16 year-old high school students and 24 year-old men [HNR included].

P.S. I got new headphones today hohoho


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