I guess I already knew that her heart was not with me anymore – it was with someone else. It was easy to predict, as I knew that if she hadn’t move on, she would have never dated someone else instead; she wasn’t a scheming girl. 

But nevertheless, I still grabbed tightly onto that one millimeter of hope; hope that she still felt the same way, hope that she still loved me dearly – but I guess time played me out. It’s okay though, because I’ve had already accepted it and there was nothing else I could do.  

I still remembered the first day I met her, the first day I fell in love with her, the first date we went on together. But they were also my last. Her soft almond hair and her nostalgic sense of humor, I miss them all. I miss her so much. 

Seeing her happy – even if it was her with someone else – made me happy. Hence, the warmth of her hand will remain where it should be. 

I guess she’ll always be my daytime shooting star after all.   

This is a little insight of Shishio’s mind that I kinda made up after seeing the raw chapter 78 of Hirunaka No Ryuusei [HNR].

I watch anime and read manga; I’m not going to lie. But after reading the end of HNR, I was really sad and kinda angry at Yamamori Mika. Many people were giving him hate (well mostly for the Mazume shippers) after reading chapter 77, but I guess he started getting hate from the Shizume shippers too after chapter 78.

I mean, I’m not going to send him hate or anything but I just really hate the fact that he brought my hopes up and crushed it. No kidding, I was literally tearing up at 12 midnight yesterday.

P.S. I saw a really cute guy today what even–


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