I guess making my third blog isn’t so bad after all.
Actually screw that, my life is going to get screwed up because I’m so busy I can’t even sleep – let alone manage three blogs.

… Actually, I was exaggerating. I sleep all day.

The first blog actually, is my rant blog. The blog where I come up with stupid and stupid thoughts; where nothing but depression seems to exist.

I was just joking, don’t worry.

The second, however, is my so-called ‘writing’ blog. I write shitty poems there, and what’s worse is that I hang the URL all over my social networks just to capture my crush’s interest.

Nope, I think he ran instead.

So yeah, from reading this you can kind of tell that I’m a little bit off in the mind and am also a super lazy freak. I have deep passion of OCD – that’s why I always lose my worksheets – and love to go wild.

No kidding on that.
Wait no just kidding, come back.

So yeah, hello c:

P.S. And as you can see, I’m freaking lame so–


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